About Us

Our Core Values

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We Provide World-class Business Development

We provide world-class business development solutions for hundreds of consultants, entrepreneurs, small businesses with Business Support Services in the tri-counties to help them reduce or eliminate the need for expensive consultants and the following ->

Our Intent is to Connect

Our intent is to connect the resources that drive wealth and success to enterprises within the Central Coast region and beyond.

Increase Sales

  • Increase Their Sales and Reduce Costs

New Strategies

  • Identify New Strategies and Tactics

Identify Solutions

  • Quickly and Easily Identify Solutions to Challenges

Increase Productivity

  • Increase Their Company's Productivity and Profitability
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Our Purpose is to Create

Our purpose is to create synergies of information, knowledge, and resources, both financial and human, through the power of networking for excellence in building wealth and financial security in economic development. In carrying out our day-to-day business, we will:


  • Treat Our Employees With Respect.

Affiliates are First Priority

  • Follow the Philosophy That Our Affiliates Are the First Priority, and We Are Committed to Excellence in Affiliate Customer Service.

Contribute to Our Community

  • Contribute to the Quality of Life in Our Community by Spreading the Tenets of Economic Development and Financial Literacy.

Through our long-term commitment to our mission, CCMERA is known as an essential asset to the business and economic communities. We serve our affiliates, vendors, and employees by offering tools to facilitate the emergence and growth of enterprises faster and more effectively than any other service or than they could accomplish without CCMERA.

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