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An Essential Asset to the Business & Economic Communities

Through our long-term commitment to our mission, CCMERA is known as an essential asset to the business and economic communities. We serve our affiliates, vendors, and employees by offering tools to facilitate the emergence and growth of enterprises faster and more effectively than any other service or than they could accomplish without CCMERA.

Business Support

  • Administrative
  • Business Plans
  • Copying
  • Documentation
  • Development
  • Notary Public Services
  • Strategic Plans
  • Business Certification
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Human Resources

  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Workforce Development
  • Business Certification & Compliance Services

Online Networking

  • Directory Services
  • Information Technology
  • Proprietary Directory
  • Research Services
  • Online & Print Directory Listing
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  • Help Desk
  • Loan Packaging
  • Affiliate Branded
  • CCMERA Branded
  • Credit Enhancement
  • Linkage With Lenders
  • Finance Support Services
  • Business 411 Information Line

Marketing Services

  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Support
  • Consultation
  • Mentoring
  • Affiliate Discounts
  • Virtual Resource Portal
  • Business 411 Information Line
  • Linkage With Chambers, SCORE